Universal Information Technologies is a leading provider of information technology services and solutions to both the corporate and private market.



UIT has since its inception in 1994 developed a range of unique and innovative support programmes for its customers. By utilising sound, up-to-date product knowledge, literature and technical expertise, and combining this with competitive pricing and exceptional after sales service and support, UIT have been rocketed into the forefront of the information technology industry.


The company’s services include the Windows Systems environments, and encompass everything from the comprehensive evaluation of your business’ needs, and installation of hardware and software, right through to the meticulous technical support and training of your personnel.


Throughout the company, a positive attitude, as well as the application of practical reasoning to all aspects of the business, are key elements to providing excellent service to our clients.


If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends.
If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6 000 friends - JEFF BEZOS




Universal Information Technologies (U.I.T), an independent company, first opened its doors for business in 1994, under the watchful eye of co-founders CHJ Venter and PJ du Plooy.


In 1996 the company expanded its business offering to include internet service provision. Today U.I.T, which operates from Pretoria’s eastern suburbs, offers a vast range of internet services that vary from dial-up, leased lines to web and server hosting, to its corporate clients.


What we do


There are no traffic jams along the extra mile - ROGER STAUBACH


The Company’s success lies in its commitment to combining superior technical, operational and financial skills with a professional service that carries with it that personal touch.


Through U.I.T’s offerings, the company’s clients have access to leading edge IT solutions and high level services that are delivered by a team who understand the critical role that IT plays in business. We pride ourselves in having a business approach to IT that offers real value to our Customers.


U.I.T is a first class IT service provider, boasting many years of technical, marketing and operations experience, combined with the intellectual capital of its founders who provide the solid foundation from which the company has grown.

Business Structure

I believe that if you show people the problems and you show them the solutions they will be moved to act - Bill Gates


The ability to source top internationally branded technology directly from industry leaders, coupled with the expertise of a team of technical field engineers, allows U.I.T to provide products and services, tailored in such a way that they suit individual needs and budgets.


Complete connectivity and integration are fundamental components for achieving success in the market place. Typically, information technology service providers focus on either network infrastructure or application integration. U.I.T focuses on both.



Give trust, and you'll get it double in return - KEES KAMIES


We understand that your IT system and infrastructure is a business tool that has to be kept in top working order at all times which assists you in driving the growth and success of your company.


Thanks to the technological revolution, smaller companies are now able to compete effectively with larger ones, and this has forced companies to focus on core competencies and partner with independent third parties for the supply of their IT solutions.

U.I.T’s customer-centric business model is founded on Partnerships. Thanks to the high level of trust that U.I.T imbues, the company has been entrusted with the key technological functions of its clients. U.I.T partners companies by supplying a comprehensive service.


“UIT prides itself in providing a one-stop IT service solution for the small, medium, large and corporate markets.”


U.I.T possesses skills in system analysis and design that ensure innovative and effective solutions across a broad spectrum of technologies. Our sales and consulting services tap into a large knowledge pool that leads to the recommendation and implementation of business relevant solutions.


Our operational management system is built on skilled staff with immediate access to high-end or specialised technical information, detailed and effective monitoring of support levels with effective reporting and management tools and the implementation of policies, procedures and administrative routines to manage your network infrastructure in accordance with accepted principles of best practice.




Doxolve is a total electronic document and data management solution. Full text indexing (Search for content inside any document), Integrates with all current Windows versions, Integrates with all MS Office versions, the structure is totally dynamic ...





Please contact us with your support query and a consultant will attend to your problem within 24 hours.




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