What is Doxolve?
Doxolve is a total electronic document and data management solution.


The Platform
Developed in .Net, C# and Microsoft SQL

Doxolve is developed in C# 3.0 and runs on Microsoft’s .NET framework. The .NET Framework is Microsoft's platform for building applications that have seamless and secure communication, and the ability to model a range of business processes. Microsoft SQL also offers a trusted scalable platform, as well as a comprehensive, integrated data management platform that enables Doxolve to reliably manage mission-critical information and confidently run today’s increasingly complex business processes. These are only a few reasons that Doxolve offers clients an exceptional stable platform.


Full text indexing (Search for content inside any document)
In a full text search, Doxolve examines all of the words in every stored document as it tries to match search words supplied by the user.Doxolve gives you the ability to search within the content of a contributed documents or email. So if you can’t remember where you have contributed a specific email or document, no problem, Doxolve’s full text indexing service will give you the opportunity to find it.


Doxolve full text and summary data search


Integrates with Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 2003, 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Contribution directly from your Windows File system is possible. Doxolve supports Windows XP, 2000, Vista, 2003, 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


Web interface
Doxolve has been designed to be accessed through a web interface. Current browsers supported include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Access through a web interface makes it easy to access your stored documents from anywhere in the world, whether you are on you own machine, Internet Café, shared hotel computer or your mobile device (provided the computer or mobile device have internet connectivity, and have the ability to open the file type you retrieve). You will be able to recall any document stored in Doxolve without installing any additional software.

Doxolve website interface to data store


The application also provides an easy interface for browsing and managing files
and access to files within the document store.


Doxolve folder browsing for easy navigation


Integrates with MS Office 2003, 2007 and Office 2010

Doxolve integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007and Microsoft Office 2010 and current development will make integration with Office 365 possible.

Doxolve installs an Office add-in which will give you the option to contribute straight from your Microsoft Office application. You can contribute emails straight from Microsoft Outlook into Doxolve.


Doxolve Microsoft Office integration and add-in


Electronic Contribution

Contribute any type of ELECTRONIC document into the system


Doxolve gives you the ability to contribute any type of document for archiving or for live editing. With an easy to use interface or Windows integration you will be able to add or upload any document type from anywhere in the world. By a simple right click in Windows Explorer or through Microsoft Office integration; you will be able to contribute any file to your Doxolve store.


Doxolve operating system integration and contribution


Contribute single or multiple documents/folders directly into the system


With our unique and easy to use Windows client you will be able to contribute multiple files simultaneously with only one right click. You will be able to contribute file structure as well as files. You are even able to contribute a whole drive to your Doxolve store.

Add your own structure to the system

If you are tired of systems dictating how your structure must look, then Doxolve is the right solution for you. You can create your own structure from scratch.


Totally dynamic

This is one of Doxolve’s world class standout features. Doxolve’s design gives you the freedom to add, remove and edit structures on the fly and this structure is totally dynamic


 Doxolve dynamic document summary creation


User Administration

Protect sensitive data with proper security and rights

Security is one of the main issues Doxolve handles impeccably. After configuring the system, people with insufficient rights won’t even know that a particular document is stored in a folder. Doxolve gives the administrator and any user with sufficient rights the ability to assign rights to any document or folder. The user can have for example read, write, view etc rights. User groups make assigning security rights to files and folders a seamless task.


 Doxolve complete user management and administration


File size

Doxolve uses custom developed protocols and services to upload, contribute and retrieve files. Due to this Doxolve is able to store large file sizes on your LAN as well as over the internet. This really gives Doxolve a competitive edge in the market in terms of the ability to contribute larger file sizes.



Add multiple document and folder summaries (descriptive)

This function within Doxolve gives you great opportunities to make searching even more effective and also gives you the freedom to give each document unique characteristics.  This makes it easier to distinguish between documents that are very closely related. This summary can be edited and changed as the document changes.

Paper Contribution

Scan any document directly into Doxolve solution


Whether it is one page or bulk scanning, Doxolve will be able to store and archive paper documents for you. This gives you the freedom to move your bulk paper off the premises and you will be able to retrieve the electronically archived version right there and then on your computer.


Doxolve barcode and scanning module


Doxolve recognises any barcode for easy indexing

Doxolve can recognise 1D, 2D and Postal barcodes (full list available on request)and index your document accurately in the right place in your system. This functionality makes it ideal for high volume and bulk scanning. Doxolve will automatically separate your different documents and index them according to your instruction when creating the barcode. An easy to configure administration interface is available to create scan users and to setup, configure and manage barcode printers. You have the ability to add a local or a network configured barcode printer.


Communicate via the system

Doxolve has the functionality to email any document that was retrieved from the system.


Custom Filters

With saved custom filters it is really easy to only see the documents you need to see. When entering the system, on you home screen, you only see the documents that you are interested in. This saves a lot of time because you don’t have to search or browse for the documents you currently work on, they are right there for easy access.


Document Checkout

Before you can edit the document you must check it out. This gives managers the opportunity to see when and by whom the document is checked out. Administrators also have the ability to check these documents back in if necessary.



After a search, documents can be sorted in respect of different columns displayed. This is a very handy feature to be able to get to your document in a timely fashion.

In your browsing function, Doxolve will display your directory and file hierarchy. In this field Doxolve is really optimized for speed.


 Doxolve filtered grid sorting



One of Doxolve’s most powerful features is its ability to keep versions of your files. So if someone changes a document by accident and saves it, you always have the ability and freedom to revert to a previous version of the document.


Doxolve document and data versioning and history


Advanced searching will always find what you are looking for

With advanced open search features and Doxolve’s full text indexing finding a document or email has never been so easy. Just type the word or words you remember that is contained in the document, and Doxolve will be able to retrieve all relevant documents. No more lost documents


Extremely user friendly


API for 3rd party developers

An easy to use API is especially developed and set available for easy 3rd party integration to and from Doxolve.


 These are only a few reasons why DOXOLVE is one of the leaders in Data, Electronic and Paper Document Management today



Doxolve is a total electronic document and data management solution. Full text indexing (Search for content inside any document), Integrates with all current Windows versions, Integrates with all MS Office versions, the structure is totally dynamic ...





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